Ongoing Dedication to Help Support the Local Community

Granville All-Ages School is located approximately 45 minutes from the resort town of Montego Bay in the Mountains of St. James and is the primary public school facility that serves this local community that bears its name. With 404 students currently enrolled, the physical appearance of the school was in disarray with many areas in desperate need of repair—until recently.

In October 2015, Diego Concha, the General Manager of Hyatt Ziva and Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, received a letter from a lower level employee with a simple request:

"Please help support my child’s school by donating wire to help build a new fence."

New to Jamaica and in search for a community project that the hotel could support, Concha, along with the Hyatt Zilara and Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall executive team decided to visit the school to gain a better understanding behind the simple request and see what could be done to help.

Following their first meeting with Principal Brown, it became evident that they not only identified a community project but also created a partnership. As a team, they realized they could have a lasting impact on the physical and educational aspects of the students’ lives from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday. .



Following the immediate decision to help, the Rose Hall executive team developed a task force on property spanning multiple departments including managers and non-managers.

The goal was straightforward—develop a plan that will impact the students, the structure of the school and the educational and physical development of the students—ultimately resulting in a greater improvement of their overall lives, long term.

And, the team from Rose Hall did just that. Starting with the greatest areas for improvement that would have the longest timeframes from start to completion, the team mapped out a two-year plan that outlined specific areas where they could have the most impact.


The depth and breadth of the project spans both physical education as well as best practices within the classroom. The Rose Hall team has done everything from building a water filtration system to creating a farm to table approach to nutrition and establishing recycling programs for each individual classroom. The team recently built a soccer field and has formed sanctioned boys and girls soccer teams inclusive of supplies and new uniforms. Spanish class has been instituted into the curriculum where it was not present previously and a greenhouse has been built to help cultivate new types of vegetables outside of the traditional garden. 

The next venture includes the rebuilding of the old Principal’s Quarters to create a sick bay for children whose parents cannot pick them up mid-day when they are ill. Additionally, the team is working on rerouting the drainage systems to prevent flooding during the rainy season and creating a library for the school to help students improve their reading skills.


While each child has received school supplies and socks throughout the 2016/2017 school year, the support does not stop there. There are many ways employees, industry professionals and guests can help. Below is a list of items that teachers and children welcome. While the school is not a formal 501.3 C establishment, monetary donations are also welcomed as we are raising funds to build a playground for children to enjoy during recess.

- No 2. Pencils
- Marble notebooks
- Spiraled notebooks (3 sections preferred)
- Teaching supplies
- Coloring books
- Crayons
- Play Dough
- Reading books
- Soccer balls
- Children’s belts
- Socks (black, white or navy blue preferred)
- Hair barrettes for girls (preferably to match school uniform of black, white and navy)

For additional information, contact Dedra Brown at


How Did the Granville Project come to be?

The request for assistance originated with an employee who works for Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall—a previous graduate of Granville All Ages School.

How often does the Hyatt Ziva & Hyatt Zilara team visit Granville?

It depends but sometimes as often as 2-3 times per month depending on what the main focus is at the time

Do employees get compensated for their time?

While a certain number of hours are sponsored on the behalf of the company, hourly employees often go above and beyond and dedicate their own time to the project, as well.

How can I go about donating my time during an upcoming visit?

It’s easy, simply contact Dedra, the Human Resources Coordinator for Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall to schedule your trip.

Are there particular sizes that are preferred?

The school enrolls children from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade so sizes vary

Do you allow guests or travel agents to visit Granville?

The short answer is yes. Ideally, we need advanced notice so we can ensure that the school can accommodate us with minimal disruption to daily activity. Contact Dedre Brown for additional information and pre-planning.

Can guests bring supplies with them during a trip to Jamaica?

Absolutely – it’s greatly appreciated. Any donations can be brought to the front desk with a note stating they are for Granville.