Since inception, Playa Hotels & Resorts has had an unwavering focus on our ability to help local communities and employees within our markets, always being responsible, corporate citizens with respect to sustainable environmental practices. We are pivotal social leaders in our destinations and we take tremendous responsibility for setting an example of a healthy and sustainable symbiotic relationship with all our communities and partners. We remain committed to incorporating sustainability into our daily operations at all levels with an emphasis on reducing our environmental impact, mitigating risks, improving our communities and driving value for all our stakeholders. We strive to drive engagement throughout the organization and allow our associates to decide what causes are important to them, illustrating that they are important to all of us. Furthermore, we continue to strategically invest in our portfolio in order to enhance our energy efficiency, safety and water usage. To help centralize and coordinate our efforts, our ESG Committee has representation from several areas of the organization to obtain a broader reach for idea generation and to effectively promote best practices and cross-collaboration. We have incorporated best practices from our global brand partners into our strategy in an effort to leverage their network and align our sustainability goals. With this formal effort adopted throughout the organization, we hope to drive organic improvement in our sustainability metrics.


We believe that engaged, well aligned Corporate Governance is essential to delivering sustainable stakeholder value. To ensure alignment, we maintain constant dialogue with our associates, suppliers, government officials, brand partners, investors and peers to get an understanding of the individual corporate responsibility priorities of each group. Our shareholders elect the board of directors annually and they are represented on the board as well.

Our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and our Board Rules outline the principles and practices that the board of directors is expected to follow. Our Corporate Governance policies and guidelines are determined by the Nominating & Governance Committee and are routinely evaluated. The Nominating & Governance Committee, Audit Committee, and Compensation Committee are all entirely composed of independent members.  Playa’s ESG Committee has representation from the firm’s Legal, Operations, Human Resources and Investor Relations departments. As a testament to Playa’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility, our ESG Committee reports directly to our CEO & Chairman and will periodically update the Board of Directors on our Corporate Responsibility strategy and initiatives, set forth in conjunction with the Nominating & Governance Committee.


Playa Hotels & Resorts relies on the beautiful beaches and lush landscapes of our resort destinations to provide a backdrop for our signature Service from the Heart for our guests. We take great responsibility to lead the way in our communities in order to sustain these natural environments and help them flourish. Our environmental sustainability program, Playa Green, aims to decrease water and energy consumption, reduce waste, and encourage Playa associates to build and protect our shared communities.

Creating a culture of environmental consciousness and leadership is of the utmost importance to progressing forward towards Playa’s sustainability objectives. Every area of the world is different, and every hotel is unique in the challenges they face, which is why we provide engaging training materials regarding environmental awareness and also encourage associates to contribute in a way that is most meaningful to them. We support our sustainability program with regular performance reviews and sharing of best practices amongst hotel managers.

Playa seeks certifications and alignment with leading verification firms and practices to further enhance our efforts. As such, nine of our hotels are currently Green Globe certified, with eight more underway in the certification process. We use third party energy audits at most of our resorts to monitor our practices and identify areas for improvement and investment. Additionally, we have a Green Leader or a designated member of property management responsible for sustainability performance


Perched on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos is a luxurious all-inclusive oasis for all-ages. This magnificent all-inclusive resort offers more than meets the eye with a range of environmentally-friendly features and practices.



• 95 to 100% of the water consumed is produced by our desalination plants.
•  All guest bathrooms have motion sensor activated sinks.
• All kitchen and guest room sinks have aerator filters to reduce water consumption.
• Guests are invited to reduce their water consumption by reusing their towel
• Purified water dispensers at the property reduce plastic waste

• EVO DUO water heaters with 95% efficiency.
• Flow meter with motion sensors.
• Laundry equipment with variable speed drives.
• Dimmer in consumer centers and salons.
• Water dispensers for guests reducing the use of plastic bottles.
• Annual energy audit



• 95% of the hotel lighting is LED.
• The sensor system on the terrace doors of the rooms saves air conditioning and therefore electricity.
• All guest bathrooms have lighting sensors.
• Outdoor lighting ignition systems are constantly monitored and modified based on the season of the year.
• The DELTA system (software) controls the on and off of air conditioners in consumer centers and on and off of extractors in building A.
• Use of variable speed drives in engines such as chiller pumping system, hydropneumatic extractor.
• Key cardholder in all suites, which cuts the electricity consumption of the guest rooms as soon as the guest deactivates it.



• R 22 refrigerant (refrigerant that damages the ozone layer) has been replaced in cold room equipment with 134 A.
• Active recycling program for cardboard, paper, plastic and metal.

• Green Globe
• Eco Check - CRISTAL